About Us


Established in 2012 continues giving training of Classical Dance & Music to a young generation.
The mission of the KALA NIDHI SANGEET MAHAVIDHYALAYA  is to teach, perform and preserve the classical music to all who wish to learn. “Our main priority would be to give utmost attention to students and to train them to grow and mature into a complete artist or par excellence. Special care will be given to help the young ones to develop a proper approach towards dance and the nuances of its various forms”The institute offers education through well-qualified teachers and follows the syllabus of PrayagSangeetSamiti and AkhilBhartiyaGandharvaMahavidayalayaMandal.

        It is Affiliated with PRAYAG SANGEET SAMITI ALLAHABAD.

Benefits Of Dance
Dance is a perfect Art. It requires tremendous discipline, focus, dedication, and love for the subject. The body has to be trained and chiseled into a beautiful instrument which comes across with grace, elegance, and artistry.

Physical Benefits
•    Good posture is brought about by the awareness of the body alignment, along with correct weight placement and control.
•    It shapes and tones the body over a period.
•    Develops co-ordination
•    Energy is channelized in a positive manner
Improves physical strength, flexibility, and stamina
•    Brings about an awareness of rhythm and musicality
•    Inculcates grace and fluidity of movement ultimately.

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